Colin Scott has numerous musical interests. He is lead singer for a local barbershop quartet, the Ringtones, and he is sometimes called upon, (as a last resort !) to play the Allen organ for services at St. Leonard's Church Blunsdon. Both of the above activities make extensive use of computer-created MIDI files which he feels might be of use to others. This is pretty miraculous since he neither plays an instrument nor reads music.

As well as MIDI files of the complete score, individual voice parts could be supplied; Soprano, Alto, Tenor and Bass for church music and Tenor, Lead, Bari and Bass for Barbershop.

The MIDI files can be fed to MIDI devices connected to musical instruments, or used by music teachers to teach four-part Harmony. For more information see the
music page

This site is also intended as a forum for friends and family to display photographs of mutual interest and talk about our recent adventures (Any excuse, eh?).

Colin is a retired graduate, production engineer and college lecturer whose other interests include fly-fishing, fly-tying, and listening to Jazz music, particularly that of Oscar Peterson and Charlie Parker.

He is Secretary of the local PROBUS group (PROfessional and BUSiness).
His alternative definitions include Poor Retired Old Ba****ds Unfit for Service. Or Prostate Removed, Other Bits Under Surveillance.

He is also self-taught on computers, using the KISS philosophy : Keep It Simple, Stupid.

Or as his son Jonathan, a real computer expert, would put it:

"And it shows !"

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